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MY BWD STORY : I’ve NEVER been a fan of drink mixes, protein/health supplements, or veggies, so for me to give this a shot and go all in was basically a miracle! Ha! I lost 37 pounds in 90 days because of BuiltWildDNA. Literally. I was a fan of the All Natural aspect first and foremost. At 44 I had become stuck in a rut at near 250 pounds, and I was active, but loved to eat. Still do :) Wild Greens Plus combined with Wild Performance became my coffee cooler and breakfast substitute in the AM – so, I immediately had my daily fruits and veggies and replaced several hundred calories, and the Performance kicked in the caffeine, energy and focus for 5+ hours to get me through to my workout as well.
The Wild Proteins were my mid AM snack, and helped with my recovery. I started losing weight very quickly because I also had the energy to consistently workout in addition to the much better diet and calories. It also was the perfect combination for going long and hard when fishing or hunting. I stand for 12+ hours casting non-stop. I feel like I’m 24 instead of 44 and haven’t been this regular since watching Seinfeld every Thursday night long before DVR’s and Netflix! Thank you to the “healthy” Breaking Bad chemists who have created this crazy delicious and completely nutritious combo platter!

ABOUT ROB : Rob Chapman IV is an award winning artist, author, and marketer, an IGFA record holder who loves the outdoors and his family, a social media junkie, and an eternal optimist who loves to laugh. Rob’s a serial entrepreneur who founded Outdoors360, Next Catch, BuiltWildDNA, and more. He’s currently a College Marketing Director and Fishing Coach (National Championship Runner’s Up 2022).Chapman holds both an International Game Fish Association IGFA world record as both an angler and guide.

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