Life's a wild adventure

Wild Peformance

Whatever the adventure, start your body with the performance formula designed with your unique needs in mind.

  • Explosive Natural Energy
  • Mental Clarity and Focus
  • Full Body Recovery
  • Packed With Nutrients
  • Amazing Taste

Key Ingredients


  • Promotes relaxation, reduces stress and anxiety
  • Enhances cognitive function, improving focus and mental clarity
  • Supports a positive mood and reduces symptoms of depression
  • Improves sleep quality and helps with insomnia
  • Boosts immune function, strengthening your body’s defenses
  • Acts as an antioxidant and has anti-inflammatory effects for overall health

Inositol Myo

  • Supports mental health, easing anxiety and depression
  • Boosts brain function, enhancing focus and memory
  • Aids in weight management by regulating metabolism
  • Promotes hormonal balance, especially for conditions like PCOS

All of the good stuff – beetroot juice, citric acid, fiber, and stevia. 

  • Sugar Free
  • May benefit in heart, gut, and brain health
  • energy metabolism and the absorption of minerals
  • Can lower the risk of heart disease and diabetes.

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